Victoria Watts – “Builders Quit Faster” [Review]

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Last week singer and songwriter Victoria Watts released a new music video for her latest single titled “Builders Quit Faster”. Victoria Watts sings with fire and passion on this emotionally charged release. Rather sweeping, Victoria Watts goes for a full-bodied sound courtesy of expansive riffs, propulsive drums, and, best of all, incredible vocals. By far the true heart and soul of the track comes from Victoria Watts’ powerful lyricism. With a true knack for storytelling, Victoria Watts explores the dissolution of a relationship while another grows. Layer upon layer of sound makes the arrangement come into bloom in such a compelling, fantastic way. Best of all is how the symphonic arrangement creates such a melodic richness, from sweeping synthesizers to soaring guitars.

Anxious drums and soothing synthesizers introduce the piece. Drawing from an ambient dreamy hue, the song soars up into the sky. Gradually the evolution of the sound builds up into a grand wash. Upon this cinematic climax the song feels infused with a yearning, a desire for something simpler. Yet within the world there is nothing too simple: every relationship possesses so many complications. By opting for this style Victoria Watts highlights some of the love and anguish that comes to define the entirety of a life spent together. Growing ever more massive, the stately quality works wonders as the whole thing simply stuns in a most magnificent fashion. Towards the final stretch of the track it all feels so graceful.

“Builders Quit Faster” goes for the jugular, showing off Victoria Watts’ uncanny ability to delve into the innermost workings of a relationship.

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