The Gin Pennies – Seven Nation Army, Live at the Compound

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The Gin Pennies sound as if Lake Street Drive traveled back in time to 1920’s Paris and made a record with Django Reinhardt. Front-woman Shanelle Lewis has a timeless voice, which blends perfectly with the violins, trumpets, rhythm guitar, and upright bass present on this song. Lewis, originally from Ohio, grew up in a musical family who would stay up nights playing songs around the campfire. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Shanelle’s captured the attention of the prolific songwriter, Randy Wooten. Wooten was so blown away and inspired by Shanelle that he decided to create an entire project with her voice as the centerpiece, soon to be referred to as The Gin Pennies.



The Gin Pennies completely change the indie-anthem, “Seven Nation Army” adding their gypsy and vintage twang. The energy in the room is electric, practically dragging you into the studio with them.



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