Surefire: “Storm Under Your Skin” ushering in a new age of genuinely blues-based, psychedelic and acid rock

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How would you like to discover a band you truly feel you could love and admire, only to discover that its members decided 10 days earlier to part ways? I know, it’s tough, but that’s why they invented recorded music, so you can appreciate and enjoy it long after its makers have ceased to be. Moreover, in a statement, founder- member, Peter Hung said he would be continuing his creative adventures in the music world, outside of Surefire –the band in question.  But there was even better news – all of Surefire’s music is FREE to download on their Soundcloud page!



I was lucky enough to come in contact with Surefire’s music during May of 2014, when I reviewed their single, “In Between Promises”. Surefire is (was?) a Boston based indie rock band originally started by songwriting partners Peter Hung and Mike Leone in the winter of 2011. Peter, is a young Taiwanese, who dreamed of becoming a musician most of his life. He took the leap and moved to America to make that dream come true. He hasn’t completely fulfilled that dream yet, but he is definitely working on it, with or without Surefire.

About month ago Peter Hung and Surefire released “Storm Under Your Skin”, ushering in a new age of genuinely blues-based, psychedelic and acid rock. It is difficult to know quite where to start here since you sense that those who were smitten with the blissful “In Between Promises” may find the sheer levels of artistic experimentation here somewhat overbearing. Alternatively you will detect an enfant terrible in “Storm Under Your Skin”, who clearly is part of the same close knit Surefire family of creativity but growing up at an astounding rate.

Just listen to the first three songs, “Storm Under Your Skin”, “Long All Night” and “That’s It”, and wonder about the fact of how newer bands struggle to capture this level of variation, creativity and innovation on a full length album!

To my mind “Storm Under Your Skin” is even better than “In Between Promises” on a purely artistic level, as it harks back to the real roots of rock music. Add that to the fact, that the vocals by Peter Hung are authentically astounding on this track. Surefire have melted together the greatest things happening in new music today with what has traditionally worked wonders in the past. This to me is their finest work yet!

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