Roddan – Reconciliation [Video]

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Roddan’s poetic lyricism works wonders on the passionate “Reconciliation”. Highly thoughtful the introspection and ruminations on life feel reminiscent of Mark Kozelek’s most recent work with Sun Kil Moon. Quite clever the stripped down intimate approach adds to the overall power of the sound. Instrumentally varied, Roddan takes care in adding to the overall richness, with the accordion adding an additional expressiveness. Easily the heart comes from Roddan’s earnest and honest vocals, which reflect upon the way that life can unfold. Infinitely catchy the song and its message lingers in the mind long after it is over. Little flourishes come from the other vocalist whose efforts further punctuate the potency of the piece.

Not a moment is wasted as Roddan gets into a comforting, soothing groove. The wonderful way the accordion introduces the piece adds to the richness. Guitar work is deceptively simple: within that singular strong strum a great deal of emotion is imbued deep within it. By opting for this style, the many layers of sound come together into a brilliant blur of sound. Roddan’s voice guides the song forward, as the thoughtful lyricism further emphasizes what kind of joy can come from making good with others. Quieter moments within the song add to the view of the story that unfolds over the course of the track, of the happiness that comes with the acceptance of oneself.

With “Reconciliation” Roddan sings with the utmost of joy as the message is one that reflects upon the peace that reconciliation can bring.

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