Rock Band Jack Mantra release their “New Album”

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Jack Mantra blasts through like a force of nature on their elaborate and bombastic album. Everything simply works, from the overwhelming sound of the drums to the gargantuan riffs that grace the entirety of the album. Stylistically Jack Mantra draws from a wide variety of genres, from metal to funk to grunge, with the anchoring effect of hard rock giving the songs a strong core. Songs works together akin to mere suites in a greater symphony. The commanding vocals rest right in the heart of the album, nicely tying everything together with a strong emotional core. Vocals possess a yearning quality while they lament the loss of relationships, the desire to rise above, and to be victorious against all odds.

Serpentine guitar work introduces “Rage”. From there the entire thing bursts with intensity. A tribal-like rhythm defines the colossal “Waiting” where an insistent guitar riff adds to the overall tension of the piece. Gradually, piece by piece, the song ratchets up the anxiety until it releases in a glorious swirl of color. Nearly joyful in temperament “You And I” offers lyrics sung straight from the heart. Holding nothing back “Poison” has a hyperkinetic energy with the drums adding to the maniac spirit. Downright infectious “Mary Mary” presents incredibly catchy hooks as it careens wildly. The distortion and muscular bass play an important role on the album closer “War”.

With their album, Jack Mantra touch upon a dark beauty, one whose thoughtful lyricism lingers in the mind long after it is over.

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