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2 Cool Bran Drops ‘Heartbreak Kid 2’ June 1st
Single “I Can” Out Now

Atlanta, Georgia – May 29, 2017 – Southern rapper 2 Cool Bran dropped a record late last year and is already ready to follow it up with his upcoming release, Heartbreak Kid 2. The new album produced by Zaytoven will be available online June 1, 2017. Diverse like Future, 2 Bran Cool creates music that sets him apart and showcases a sense of
diversity. Articulating his views through music is how he rolls, and he’s been praised by media outlets far and wide for this. Neff Working called him, “An artist that is making tremendous waves in the streets and in the clubs…” While Music Boombox noted his “ability to embrace his unique perspective.” Critics are appreciating what 2 Cool Bran is dishing out and that’s only over his lead single, “I Can.” So there’s no telling how hype they’ll be once the full album drops. On top of Neff Working and Music Boombox, 2 Cool Bran has been featured on This is 50, Wu World, Tone Flame, Hood Illustrated, Rap Head and many, many more. On top of being featured heavily over the past couple of months, 2 Cool Bran has also hit up a number of stages including Blue Flame, Sweet Auburn Festival, Duggins and Scores Beacham in Orlando, Florida. Soon enough he’ll be performing in Atlanta once Heartbreak Kid 2 drops at the beginning of June.

Those interested in adding “I Can” to their playlists, reviewing Heartbreak Kid 2, or speaking  with 2 Cool Bran can get in touch via the information provided below.
2 Cool Bran is a rapper from the south who is about to drop his latest record, Heartbreak Kid 2.
Trio Sounds, LLC
2 Cool Bran
Brandon Miller
Official Site: http://2coolbran.com/
Facebook: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46Kc9Rs6yNWVxsCq8zH0mQ
Artist EPK: http://www.artistpr.com/members/brandon-miller/



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