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Milo Case

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Milo Case incorporates a smooth style into the compelling narrative of “Cultivation”. Showing a true knack for storytelling the songs possess tight, thoughtful flows that unfold with such grace. Over the course of “Cultivation” Milo Case displays a real ear for melody, neatly weaving together samples from classical, jazz, R&B, pop, and electro into a compelling whole. Luxurious grooves dominate the entirety of the album for Milo Case embraces almost a dreamy, surreal approach to the story. By far the true heart of the album are Milo Case’s soulful vocals, with a delivery that further emphasizes the heft of the message, one that touches upon the many negative effects that can come with embracing such a life. For while from afar it looks like it can solve all problems, choosing such a path offers whole new difficulties.

“Prodigal Son” sets the tone for what follows, opening the album with great power. Incredible rhythms dominate the thoughtful “Safe”, as Milo Case raps of business plans from being a grow. Tension pours out of the bass rumbles of “Formula”. Spacious to its very core “Queen (feat. Antonia)” utilizes dreamy, almost an ambient approach, with nimble percussion making it quite moving. Incredibly poignant with its thoughtful message “Eradicate” serves as the highlight of the album, tackling the ills of the world with deft skill. Nicely bringing everything together the playful “Checkmate (Outro)” ends the album on a high note.

With “Cultivation” Milo Case crafts a fine, emotionally resonant album, one whose message lingers in the mind.





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