Redox Envy – Hearts EP

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Philly’s finest in songcraft – a majestic mix of pop, rock, and R&B – jolts to life from the inside out.

Redox Envy wants to give you their “Hearts”, but they may just end up stealing yours. Produced at Sine Studios (Motown, Bon Jovi) and mastered at Sterling Sound by Grammy-winning engineer Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Foo Fighters, the Weeknd, Imagine Dragons), the “Hearts” EP features the kinds of killer hooks and lush atmospherics that seem to bypass your ears and go straight to your soul.

An embrace and a flawless integration of technology may conjure up the modern and breathtaking soundscapes, but it’s the tried and true fundamentals of infectious melodies, searing solos, and airtight rhythms that electrify. These boys bring it hard, and they bring it live. Redox Envy delivers the sweeping and all-encompassing experience that laptops and digital programming will simply never be able to replicate.

Empowered by and beholden to the magic of the moment, they plug their hearts straight into your hearts. Redox Envy lives to stoke that fire inside of every dreamer who may wonder when the next moment will arrive to unleash its magic.








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