PRALAYA: “Image” is positive proof that rock has plenty of life and vision left in it!

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PRALAYA is Alex Knales (Vox), Jon Connolly (Bass), Greg Telfeian (Drums) and Rick Whitley(Guitars).  The band was years in the making, and happened when Rick, John and Greg jammed out a couple times a month, eventually getting monthly studio time and developing a natural chemistry which helped them expand their musical synergy even further.

However, it wasn’t until years later that they discovered the singer “they always needed and hoped for”, affirm the band. Apparently, Alex Knalescame into the picture out of nowhere; having  moved from Miami to pursue his dream he found like-minded individuals in  Rick, John and Greg who expressed the same type of feelings and emotion through organic creativity. This sparked the name PRALAYA which means ‘an intense transformation’; and that was exactly what was about to happen when these 4 guys got together.

The single because “Image” is a prime example of PRALAYA’s musical prowess and is damn near perfect alternative rock. Last night, after listening to it, I hit the repeat button and listened to it again. Every tiny nuance, every word, every subtle verse and every soaring chorus resonated with confident force through my headphones. There are sharp drum turns, elegant bass lulls, and steep guitar riffs to be dealt with…like a rollercoaster ride. All executed with brilliant musicianship and powerfully dynamic vocals.


The range of emotions explored in the six minutes of “Image” is astounding and effective, while the frequent juxtaposition of harshness and beauty works incredibly well. Alex Knalesis an articulate and captivating lead vocalist with an equally compelling vocal range, which totally authenticates the band’s statement that Alex was the singer “they always needed and hoped for”.

“Image” is a focused foundation of music performed by Jon Connolly (Bass), Greg Telfeian (Drums) and Rick Whitley (Guitars), with crushing ease and an ambient thrust. The spectrum of melody, banging drums and gut-wrenching riffs is served within its own force of sweetly deafening emotion.

I love the soft-loud dynamics of this song. It lulls you into unconsciousness only to shatter you back through the looking-glass. Lyrically, musically and sonically, PRALAYA is positive proof that rock has plenty of life and vision left in it!






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