Paul Butcher & Taylor Hill – Blood [Official Video]

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Paul Butcher & Taylor Hill sing with true poignancy on the hauntingly beautiful “Blood”. Quite elegant the song retains a sense of timelessness. Their two voices intermingle growing in scope and size over the course of the piece. Everything simply shines over the course of the piece: the way the duo reference classical, chamber pop, RnB, and more into an all-engrossing mix of sound. By opting for such a balanced approach the song positively teems with life, further reinforcing the carefully crafted message that leads it forward.

Opening with resonant piano work the duo work hard to set the tone for the piece. The piano’s careful painterly approach adds to the overall reflective nature of the lyricism. When the song comes into full bloom it feels particularly satisfying, for the duo opts for a sweeping feeling one where optimism can rise above the current state of the world. Vocals are pristine and pure while they offer astute observations on what drives the great dissatisfaction that has been building up. Upon the guitars entering the fray the song explores tension, with the guitar and strings working together to find a sense of comfort in the world. For the finale rush of the song the vocals rise into the sky as everything seems to come together for this last moment. With the vocals dropping out all that remains is the meditative wordless swell of sound.

Powerful with emotionally charged vocals, Paul Butcher & Taylor Hill create a sense of hope on the stunning “Blood”.





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