Matic808: “HSTFU(Dirty)” – Chopping and Meshing Divergent Styles!

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Matic808 is a producer from Baltimore, MD specializing in dance music and especially “Bmore”. Baltimore Club Music which was created in the early 90’s and spread internationally through the 2000’s is a breakbeat genre – a blend of hip hop and chopped, staccato house music.

Matic808 is the foremost representative for the sound and the culture, and intends to help take it further. Internationally renowned for having remixed every track from Kanye West’s Yeezus, one of his latest releases is the single “HSTFU(Dirty)”.



Baltimore club’s insistence on snatching samples from extremely mainstream-friendly sources, plus producers like Matic808 being able to flip them in combination with percussive loops that create the insistent urge to dance in a wild manner would appear to be a tremendous recipe for a capturing audience attention.

If you’ve got any affinity for hooky, dancey music, you’ll find it here in the mixture of electronic production, samples, sounds and rhythms weaved together by this eclectic producer.

In order to become best at your craft, not only is it imperative to be blessed with the talent, a certain amount of dedication is also what’s important. Fortunately, for Baltimore Club Music producer Matic808, he’s blessed with the best of both worlds.

Chopped up, repetitive and hypnotic vocals is a key signifier of the “HSTFU(Dirty)” style, but this is an all-round powerful song with incredible electronic and programming orchestration. Matic808 really hits a different level with this track, and is showing there are still discoveries left to be made in Baltimore Club Music.

This song is seriously hot even if dance is only vaguely on your mind. ‘Club music’ is often misused to describe any kind of dance music, but let’s get it straight: the classic definition refers to Baltimore club and its derivatives, Philly and Jersey club.

While the three genres are close cousins, each has its own rich history and evolution—and collectively, they represent some of the most vibrant dance scenes around. And when you’ve got someone as talented as Matic808 meshing divergent styles you can be sure that the Baltimore club genre will continue to evolve and gain popularity.


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