Indie Artist Shane Scheib’s Amazing Cover of Chasing Cars [Snow Patrol]

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Independent artist Shane Scheib just might be the next big thing to come out of Nashville, TN. Nashville is no stranger to great music; It’s most famous for its status as the long-time capital of country music. Now with Shane on the scene, Nashville has a new asset and name to add to the list of talented musicians to ceme it’s way.

His latest video is a perfectly executed cover of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Showcasing Shane’s amazing vocals, the cover is truly one of a kind. In fact I enjoyed listening to it more than the original. Watching the video gives me chills as Shane is able to bring his own touch and tone to the popular hit song in a way that gives it more feeling. You can sense Shane’s passion for music throughout the video. Both his vocals and guitar performance are without flaw. Despite being filmed on an Iphone, the video and audio are both clean and clear further evidencing that in 2017 you do not need a huge budget, big cameras or an expensive studio to produce something wonderful and show off your talents.

I wish Shane the best of luck in this new year and I really hope to hear more from him. He currently has an album out titled the ‘Fast Friends’ EP. It’s available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and every digital space where music can be found. I’ll save you the time of searching for it by posting links here:

More about shane:
Shane Scheib was born in Eastern Washington State and grew up in the small rural communities of Coulee City and then Ellensburg. He founded various bands including Native Born Alien and Fall Away Façade. He received training in Jazz guitar at Jeff Berlin’s Player’s School of Music in Clearwater, Florida and studied guitar theory under jazz aficionado Yuzuru Tanakura. After acquiring a business degree from Central Washington University and working a few years in global logistics Shane left the United States for missionary work and held several odd jobs including being a chauffeur, milking cows, and teaching guitar lessons. While overseas he started a Guitar Club at a Maori primary school in Waharoa, NZ, performed for troops at Yokota U.S. Air Force Base in Fussa, Japan, and recorded music in Auckland, NZ for a YWAM compilation album.

Upon returning stateside he worked on a salmon fishing tender in the Bering Sea, and the skipper, a retired Nashville songwriter encouraged Shane to make the move to music city. Shane first moved to Knoxville, TN where he lived at the “Banks House” during the formative stages of United Pursuit. Eventually he took the boat captain’s advice and now resides in Nashville where he recorded his gun-for-hire calling card, the Genrelicious EP, an avant-garde blend of genres fashioned together by a master craftsman of guitar music, produced with the intention of highlighting the unique abilities of one of Nashville’s most versatile guitarists.
Shane released the radio friendly Fast Friends EP in June 2015 and it is already on rotation with nearly 100 terrestrial stations nationwide. He currently plays for and writes with several Nashville artists, and tours the country with a full band performing his new guitar driven indie pop and rock music intensified by flashy guitar tricks, planted in jazz and blues roots.

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  1. Jeff Pierce
    01/08/2017 at 12:37 pm

    way to go Shane. I am proud of you and hope you will continue with your voice. I am glad I got to grow up with ya bud.

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