Heavy AmericA “Pray For Me” [Official Video]

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Heavy AmericA: Hard hitting rock with a twist of philosophy

“This band has matured and progressed along the way to develop itself into a strong presence. One of the things that makes Heavy AmericA so excellent, is their diversity in rhythm, melody and style. Really impressive vocals, outstanding guitar and bass work, with incredible rhythm and percussion. Heavy AmericA’s ‘Now’ album is modern hard rock taking it’s cue from seventies and nineties rock.
This is a hard hitting rock band with a twist of philosophy. The lyrics are new and vibrant, you will be delighted. From the unrestrained passion and angst that singer Mike Seguin wraps around every syllable on ‘Pray For Me’, it’s clear the band’s time recording, since their last release, was put to good use. Their songs have a dark and heavy vibe with a lot of soaring melodies and a wide variety of textures. And as a trio they manage to craft rich haunting sonic atmospheres that draw you instantly.”
-TunedLoud Magazine


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