Halo Lifted – Climbin Feat. OCKisDead [Prod. By Juggman Rico]

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With a chilled out, laid back vibe is Halo Lifted impeccable “Climbin Feat. OCKisDead [Prod. By Juggman Rico]. Production has a crystal clarity to it, as the beats have an efficient quality to them. Melodies glisten while they neatly reference a nostalgic, early video-game like sound. By far the heart and soul of the track comes from the undeniably colorful flow that ties everything together. Layer upon layer work together making a piece that has an inviting, joyful quality to it.



Things get started immediately as the song gets started just right with the optimistic cheery melody leading the way. A sound reminiscent of Flying Lotus adds to the dreamy quality of the sound. How Halo Lifted lets the song leisurely glide by. Attention to detail means that everything is wrapped in a glorious neon-hued sheen. Variations in style and delivery add to the song’s oftentimes kaleidoscopic approach. Throughout the piece the song comes in and out of focus, giving the sound a timeless quality to it. Lyrics reveal a true knack for storytelling, as they explore exactly how people live. Much of the song pays close attention to striving, to improving on oneself, through a series of small steps. On the latter half of the piece how the entire song comes together, all the small snippets of sound being brought into a glorious conclusion.


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