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Evoluzion is more than an Artist, it’s a wave, a frequency, it’s the representation of individuality, creative freedom and artistic uniqueness in which we don’t see quiet often in our lifetime.

Changes is a song that stems from the depths of Evoluzion’s complex psyche and unique perception of reality, where funk meets the human soul in this very catchy, rhythmic nuance and fusion of lyrical genius and heart pounding emotion content as it exposes the listener’s fears, hopes and unexpectedly lures you into it’s eeriness and satisfies every sensory aspect of the mind and body. This is not your average song, very current for today’s bangers on the radio, yet it stands out of the crowd, a true savant, a beautiful journey into Evoluzion’s personal crossroads. This definitely has star quality all over it, and the music video creates a powerful visual of solitary creative genius at it’s purest and finest, a nostalgic trip into a time where Artists like Prince and Michael Jackson once impacted us with their art.



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