Deronda: “Perfect Chair” – ear-catching aesthetic

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Being a dinosaur of the seventies and eighties, I am naturally resistant and extremely critical of most music released after that period. But honestly, I have not heard a lot of music since that meets up to the artistry and craft of those released way back when. Recently I bumped into Deronda, one of those rare bands that have burst through the radar to land into my very selective music collection. They are an easy listen.

There is a warm feeling behind their songs and a sense of melody and charm that is rarely seen in other bands born of our new era of ring-tone-ready music production. Deronda bring infectious melodies, soaring vocals, ceaseless enthusiasm and feel-good vibrancy that nostalgically takes us to simpler, happier times.

Deronda is a North Hollywood-based indie rock band composed of guitarist and singer Gabe Hernandez, drummer James Miller and bassist Alyssa Sanders. They blend classic rock with elements of art pop, psychedelic synth, and smooth garage. Deronda plans to release their first EP in March this year, and in the meantime have dropped the single, “Perfect Chair”.

With a danceable, building beat and an explosive anthem of a chorus, it’s truly difficult not to put this song on repeat, sing along, and forgo listening to anything else for the rest of the day. Taking into account the addictive quality of Deronda’s brand of rich and retro, synth-infested rock, one could reasonably expect a catchy song without substance, to spend sunny days driving with. They successfully avoid this trap.

They boast consistent catchiness while also incorporating a delectable combination of continuity, depth, and progression. Trying to avoid monotony while remaining stylistically coherent can be a tough task, but not for Deronda.

They toy with synth orchestration, intricate little guitar runs, and the occasional building percussion while vocally featuring heartfelt pipes, sweet harmonies, and the fun shouted chorus. This complete command over their craft really sets these North Hollywood-based crew apart, resulting in the kind of record that grabs you at first listen and becomes more addictive every time through.

Looking down through their music catalog, it’s clear that Deronda have tightened every bolt, sealed every crack, and smoothed over every crease in their sound: a hyper-polished amalgam of lush arena-ready pop and edgy indie flavors that for all the classic retro-ness in their sound fits squarely under the amorphous modern pop-rock rubric.

Deronda possess an ear-catching aesthetic, as well the pulverizing vocal talent of singer-guitarist Gabe Hernandez, who stands as their primary sonic differentiator.


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Deronda: “Perfect Chair” – ear-catching aesthetic

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