Brandon James knocks it out of the park with hit single ‘Everytime’

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Brandon James is a musician from Chicago whom has his eyes on the prize of reaching greatness. His style blends Opera,sacred,gospel,blues, pop and R&B. He’s influenced by Luther Vandross, Lyfe Jennings, & Donnie Hathaway. He works on creating a versatile sound, and has a desire for music. You can catch his single out on itunes titled “Everytime”.

Everytime begins with a majestic intro that captivates the listeners ears. His voice is soothing and is sung with fullness. James can really hit the high notes and stay in key which is huge! The track has this old school jazz feel to it, but then gets’ a computer high tech feel to it at about two minutes in. The synths are a great mix with the track and makes it very new age. There’s a lot going on in the song that makes it unique and different. His voice is excellent. He doesn’t miss a note and never goes out of pitch. The song structure and time measures are done very well and I’m actually impressed that he was able to fit so, many instruments into one song especially the synth and the drums. A lot of drums now a days are computerized and here, you can feel the energy of the kit without seeing it. The 5 minute and eleven second song packs a serious punch! Brandon James has some serious talent and i think he can make some big noise in his future if he decides to release a full album. His song writing is both unique and well rounded.  He is working on the completion of his debut solo album Soulfully Divine. Brandon James current singles “Inspiration”, “All I Want Is You”, & “Everytime” can be heard on his website and Itunes. Brandon James will be performing at a venue near you!




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