Matthew Clive

Canada // Ontario



Matthew Clive is a Canadian hiphop MC, songwriter, lyricist, beat smith and record producer. Born into a biracial family in Etobicoke, Ontario, Matthew was blessed with the gift of music from jump. His father, Tyrone Gabriel is a Juno nominated recording artist himself who has toured the world with The Nylons for many years. Raised by his mom, grandmother and uncle in an ethnic Indian household spilling with the sounds of r&b, reggae, funk and jazz, Matthew developed a love of rhythm and poetry at an early age. This was the beginning of his preference of multi genre laced beats. Diagnosed with ADD as a child, Matthew found purpose and solace in hiphop. The creativity and freedom of expression of rap, along with the culture of hip hop, provided Matthew with self confidence and a sense of belonging. Inspired and influenced by KRS1, Tupac, Black Star, Gang Starr, JayZ and most notably, Common, the MC/Producer experienced personal growth and perspective thanks to the consciousness these rappers brought to the game. The 90s and early 2000s was a period in which, for him, beats and rhymes became life. Ever since, Matthew has continually delivered thoughtful lyrics, meaningful hooks and soulful beats. His tracks are created with purpose and honesty, hoping to bring back the genuine passion to the art of hip hop. Matthew is, and always will be, his unapologetically honest self. No gimmicks or trends. Isn’t that what back to basics real hiphop is supposed to be?



Email mclive88@gmail.com

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