Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

USA // Brownsville, Texas



Emilio Crixell & Border Soul is a unique and eclectic blend of 70’s R&B, Latin Soul and the music of South Texas. Drawing from such diversified influences as Curtis Mayfield, Carlos Santana, The Staple Singers and the early Latin Soul movement, the band brings it together with their own Blues and South Texas roots to create their original music. Music People was produced and recorded by SXSW award winner, Rick Del Castillo at Smilin’ Castle Studios. Special attention was given to capture the cool, 70’s retro sound that the music called for and that you hear on the recording.
Although Emilio Crixell is a native of Brownsville, Texas, his longevity in the San Francisco music scene makes him almost a transplant in the South Texas Border Region. The California cruising sound surfaces in the title track of his new CD, Music People. Leading with vocals and guitar, Emilio infuses the band with the spirit that gives them their name, Border Soul. The album is a compilation of his original songs.

In this album, Emilio Crixell bares his soul marking a retrospective return from the West Coast to his native turf among the music people of the Texas-Mexican Border.

Members of Border Soul include: Emilio Crixell on guitar and vocals, Charlie Harrison on bass, Albert Besteiro on guitar, Carlo Tamayo on drums, Joe Pino on congas and Mike Ramírez on saxophone. Additional musicians: Santiago Castillo plays diatonic accordion and Iram Reyes on trumpet.
The band is joined by some incredibly talented featured artists, including Leeann Atherton, Alex Ruiz, Rick Del Castillo and Rosa Canales Perez. Leeann Atherton contributes her soulful vocals to “A Face In The Crowd” and “Oh, Beautiful Day” and background vocals throughout the album. Alex Ruiz and Rick Del Castillo weigh in on vocals and guitar on the Rock/Cumbia “Movimiento.” Rosa Canales Perez performs her own composition with the band on the last track “Prende Una Vela.”
Taking to mind the span of musical geography covered on this recording, E.C. & Border Soul provide a unique slice of Americana and demonstrate that in music there are no borders! Borrowing from soul styles ranging from California’s Latin Soul to the Soul styles from Detroit, Memphis and Sheffield, Alabama… the band manages to bring their own South Texas grooves to make it a different experience. 



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