USA // Dorchester, MA



N/A Hip Hop’s RNAtheMESSENGER (aka DNAtheG) originally hails from Dorchester, MA
where he graduated from Boston College with a degree in English.
That degree is paramount in his content and lyricism where he consistently
creates metaphors and multisyllabic bars that few can match. He released his
first project in 2013,The Code EP, under the moniker DNAtheG (search DNA on iTunes).
This project garnered instant buzz in various media such as HotNewHipHop.com,
Rockstar Magazine, and other sites in the underground blogosphere. However, this
EP was only a small sample of what makes N/A Hip Hop special. His forthcoming LP,
Here Cometh the Dreamer, demonstrates this emcee’s rise to another level of
consciousness as he touches on topics ranging from mass media manipulation to Plato’s
Allegory of the Cave (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the story,
it is the inspiration behind The Matrix Trilogy). This subject matter gave way
to N/A Hip Hop’s other persona, RNAtheMESSENGER, a name which suggests this emcee
has something important to relay to the masses. The only way you will know what that
message is is by listening.




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