Different One

USA // Florida



The Different One Is Coming He Is Extremely Talented and His Time Is Coming Nobody Knows Who The Different One Is Right Now But Trust Me Soon That’s Gonna Change His Music Will Be Heard By People all Over The World and Everyone Will Know His Name The Different One Is Not Only Extremely Different But Will Forever Be Known For Doing Things That Other People Don’t Do When It Comes To Music The Different One Is Gonna Is Change and Do a Lot Of Different Stuff and People are Gonna always Compare Him To Other Musicians Like Miley Cyrus Kesha Lady Gaga Michael Jackson and Eminem To The Different One Is Coming and Everything about Him Is Gonna Be Extremely Different People are Gonna Love His Music So Much When The Day Comes That They Actually Hear It and He Will always Be Known For Doing Things That Nobody Else Is Doing Setting New Trends and Most Importantly and as always Being Extremely Different



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