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TWT Music is a an independent music promotion, PR, and media distribution agency and creative studio.
Our missions is to expose and bring about awareness of underground music and independent artists everywhere.

We run a monthly playlist via soundcloud and we invite you to submit your music. Tracks that we like the best will be added to this playlist and featured at www.twtmusic.com as well as on our social media pages. This is an open call for free monthly promotion.

We want to take a moment to thank you for stopping at our page. If you have any questions please reach out to us via the links below:

Questions, Suggestions, Concerns: Contact Us Here

Want to work with our agency: Contact Us Here

Artists looking for promotion, press releases, features, marketing: Contact us here

Submit music for monthly playlist: soundcloud.com/twt-music

If you are an artist who works with us and needs campaign support: Support@twtmusic.com

Donate ❤️ (goes towards operating costs and advertising our playlists):

Bitcoin: 13svXdhbvBmrSDCW133ga42y9V5ttSiRkV

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